getting you riding
on the right gear

Whether it's your first time on a skateboard or snowboard, or you're just looking to change it up a bit - we'll help you get on the right board and into the right gear for you. We'll spend the time walking you through your options and will never try to upsell you to something that isn't going to make your time on your skateboard or day on the slopes a fun, comfortable time. Snowboards, boots, bindings, skate sneakers, skate decks, wheels, helmets, goggles...they all need to fit right, and we'll take the time needed to get you out there on the pavement or on the snow in the right gear for you. 

snowboard wax

We wax all snowboards brought to us right in house, using high quality (and environmentally friendly) One Ball wax & offer a quick turnaround. 

Each wax is $35 and includes: 

  • full base wax
  • edge sharpening
  • minor base repair
  • done completely by hand (like it should be, we don't want machines touching our board, or yours)

SNowboard Repair
BOOT repair
bindings mount

From delamination to edge and base damage - bring your board in if you're having any issue and we'll take a look at it right then and there. Some problems may be beyond a simple fix, but more often than not we can help you out and get you back out there. Prices vary depending on extensiveness of any damage and materials needed. Our priority is to get you back on the slopes on your board, riding safe. 

We don't see the new guaranteed BOA boot systems come in for repair, they're bulletproof - but we're here to help if you do run into an issue. Some of the older BOA systems have needed repair and we can do that for you right here at the shop. 

If you buy your snowboard gear from Long's Board Shop we will always get your bindings mounted and dialed in for you. Bought your gear elsewhere? We'll help you out and get your stance set and bindings mounted for you. Cost $40

pointing you in the right direction

In the winter, we're in touch with the mountains and out on the snow as much as possible - so we're always ready to talk conditions. 

Visiting for the summer and want to know where to skate? We can help you out with that too. Come on by!  

Be sure to check our EVENTS page often, we're always updating it with our Long's Board Shop events through the year and with others you may want to check out. 

trail reports