Underground Wheel Co

Skater O&O - check Made in the USofA - check

Phonecalls from the west coast where Tom & Walter from Far Out Dist can talk OG skating  - check

Local Maine Skater on the Team - check

Underground Wheel Co. was a no brainer for us at LBS, and you guys supported it from day one. They've been a supporter of Mike G of StepDad Mag, and we're a supporter of most anything skater owned & operated. We sold right through our first round of wheels from them and are all stocked up for the fall & indoor winter season.


We made sure to get a few sets of the Brick Bashers in - specifically designed to allow riding rough surfaces. They're 82A  with a harder inner core that allow them to perform like harder wheel with a softer riding surface. Soft and smooth but are still responsive like harder wheels. The Comic Pop wheels are flat spot resistant. The Endangered Species wheel is the way to go if you want to help out the environment while getting a fresh set of wheels. Part of the proceeds from this wolf wheel will go to the NRDC.  Then the Bombers, we set up a ton of cruisers for folks - some are getting back into skating after a hiatus, some are using their cruiser to get around town, whatever the reason these are great wheels for a smooth, efficient ride at 80A & 64mm.

Part of the Underground Team traveled around California - camping, skating, steaming it up in hot springs. They'll be releasing short videos on their Instagram over the next few weeks.  Team rider Nick Gibson was about to head home and on his last day in California he made it over to the Berrics and landed this on his first try...


Spitfire Formula 4


Spitfire has come up with a new urethane formula called Formula 4 and we have the new wheels in house. i was fortunate enough to get a set of the F4 in Spitfire's classic shape at 54mm and 101 A durometer this summer to try out and i've done a bit of skating on them. Keep in mind that i typically ride 54mm and my usual set-up is in the 99 to 100 hardness so i picked a wheel set that was in my normal riding range. They do come in other shapes and harnesses.

The new formula claims more speed and better flat spot resistance.  Fast they are. Same great shape as usual (in this case) and more slide and durability.  i was 4 wheel power sliding, 180 sliding, all over good distances and the wheels would not flat spot.  They maintained their shape and rode just like they did when brand new.  The only difference to the wheel was road/tar dirt on the riding surface...that was it.

Also new with the F4 is the color, which i also liked better.  Rather that the usual, really bleached out white look that brand new wheels have the new formula has a more bone colored, natural white tone to them.  Sure, within a few skates wheels tend to take on that color anyway but i really liked the bone color on my skull graphic deck from the moment i took them out of the packaging.

If you hate flat spots and like Spitfire shapes come on down and get them, in multiple sizes and shapes here at the shop.