Andre the Giant has a snowboard posse

On the same time frame as when i bought my first twin shaped snowboard (which completely revolutionized what we could do on the slopes, after years of riding directional boards) i also sent a self addressed stamped envelope (SASE) to a guy in art school for one of his stickers. While skating around Boston friends and i started seeing these stickers of Andre the Giant popping up, especially around the best places to skate (we too, were maybe putting up some stickers of our own… or maybe not… depends on who’s asking… if you’re a cop you have to tell us, right?!?!). In some ‘zine i was reading i saw an PO box address to mail the artist to get one of his stickers… so i did. A few weeks later i received my envelope back with a sticker and a manifesto about what this social experiment was. Andre the Giant has a posse! i take stickers very seriously, always have. So i put this sticker on the most valuable possession i had as a teenager: my first ever modern shaped snowboard!

The artist’s name is Shepard Fairey, and i remain a fan of his work to this day. His art now graces some of the walls of my home and helped lead to a bizarre series of events that culminated in me getting my mother to come to a Henry Rollins show! For Christmas i bought my wife the ornament that is a recreation of the Earth orb Shepard Fairey displayed hanging from the Eiffel Tower. In the shipping box his company Obey Giant added several stickers, including one re-print of that first iconic posse sticker. So now, decades later, my most recent snowboard - from the snowboard shop i own, has that same sticker gracing it. We have to grow older but we don’t have to ever grow up. Andre the Giant has a posse!


When the Bee Stings

TLo’s Picks For Holiday 2018



Linerless boot that flexes like no other!



Core shop exclusive green on blue!



Pants that sinch so you don’t get them caught in your bindings or drag them across the lot.



Misfits… no more description necessary.



War Pig, designed for powder but destroyer of all terrain.



PXV, more peripheral degrees than your eyes can handle.

Rail Jam at Payson Park

The 1st step in fundraising for the expansion of the Portland Skatepark with be a Rail Jam at Payson Park! Gnu Snowboards and Vans are sponsoring the prizes and Portland Pie will provide pizzas slices that will be on sale to raise money. There will be a $5 recommended donation for participation in the Rail Jam, but we hope you are able to give more. All proceeds are going to the park fund.

Join us Saturday Feb 17th. Sign ups begin at 12:30 and the Jam will begin at 1pm. You need a signed waiver to participate, and if you are under 18 it also needs to be signed by a parent/guardian. Link to the waiver can be found below, underneath the flyer. Boarders and skiers welcome.

For more info on the skatepark expansion project visit the Parks and Rec site.

payson park rail jam FINAL.jpg

Click the link below to view/download/print the waiver needed to participate:

Rail Jam Waiver