Zander Stearns


nose press biddo bridge Name:  Zander Stearns

First set up: Rossignol board and Burton custom bindings. I think?

What do you listen to while riding:  I don’t usually ride with tunes but when I do it’s mostly Iron Maiden or Sublime

Favorite spot to ride: In the trees... It’s like Hoth and Endor put together

Favorite movie (non snow/skate): Wayne's World, Star Wars: A New Hope, and Surf Ninjas

Worst time you were almost taken out by a skier: When the jib park was at South Ridge at Sunday River, it happened too many times to count

bs 50-50 double kink UNE rail

Dream snowboard trip would be to:  Japan or Alaska

Go-to trick:  Tame dog flip, or frontside 3 tailgrab

Number of times Manny Ken the mannequin has scared you:  π

Best way to kill time on the lifts:  Discuss safety

Stance: duck, traditional, or all your own:  Duck 17, -17

Best place to fuel up after a day in the mountains:  Any gas station that has beer and Subway

What’s a perfect snow day:  First chair, big crew, and calling out of work from the lift