Weird Wood

Weird Wood Premiere

Weird Wood video was great! Congrats to Rob, Eric, and the whole Weird Wood crew. Stoked seeing team riders Adam, Francis, and Nick ripping it up as well as some shots of the legendary Syska! Big thanks to all who came out, to Flat Bread for supplying pizzas, and of course to Weird Wood. We've got their new boards stocked up including great dual stained whale decks, the beaver, a 7.75 for the first time in WW production, and more.  Francis's deck is now out and we've got them in stock.  Just like when you buy a Nick deck, buy a Francis deck and get a free LBS tee! Support local businesses and Maine skaters. We've also got a few of the DVD's left for sale, come get them and witness the Weird Wood. PhotoGrid_1449776733757

Weird Wood Kinda Month

Lots going on out of Weird Wood's HQ in North Berwick this month.... WW & LBS team rider in the latest LowcardWeirdWoodLowCard

Newest Weird Wood team rider, none other than Jeff Tatum, they're developing his deck Jeff Tatum

And here's info on a contest at Kooks for Weird Wood on August 24th...