ARMY: Long's Board Shop Video 2

We present you with: Army! Our 2nd full team video. Featuring shop riders Adam, Chase, Gabe, Nick, Peter, and Tristan. Tristan also put in the extra effort of collecting up everyone's footage and editing it all together into what you see here. Classic Portland Maine spots, hidden favorites, parks, and some road trips added in. -LBS Army

Team Video Premiere: ARMY

We're proud to announce our second shop video: Army! Thursday Oct 13th come see the premiere projected here at the shop, 7:30 PM. The team put a lot of work and sweat into this, especially Tristan who pulled it all together and edited it. Don't miss the big unveil... army-premier-poster-web-render

Thank You Brian Anderson

For so many of us skateboarding is a sanctuary from the judgments of the world. i am sorry that our skate community has not been enough of a welcoming place for BA to feel like he could be completely open within it. i am so glad that he can now be 100% himself and hope it motivates all of us to be more excepting within the community. Thank you Brain Anderson for continuing to inspire us.