Tylor Parker

GSD 2014

Go Skate Day take 3 for LBS.  Thanks to Rye Airfield & Glassy for helping to make it a kick ass day - with ramps, food & giveaways. Safety Second was premiered to our biggest vid premier crowd we've had so far. Even TMan made it on Chase's phone. Most of all, thanks to all of you who came out, helped out and went all out to make it our best GSD to date. IMG_0844small


Todd E Grill Master

Tristan Anderson of Ambient Apparel & Gabe McKenna

Shamus lands a 360


Premier of "Safety Second"



Thunder Lights Float

Last week we got word that LBS won the Deluxe DLXTV3 contest - which means we'll get even more SF wheels & Real, Antihero & Krooked decks in for you to choose from.  Here's the post from the DLXSF.com news feed and a look at the pic TLo & Tman starred in... "A BIG CONGRATS GOES OUT TO @BLINDSKATER28 WHO WATCHED #DLXTV3 AT HOLISTIC SKATESHOP AND IS THE WINNER OF A $250 DLX PRIZE PACK AS WELL AS LONGS BOARDSHOP MAINE WHO PLAYED #DLXTV3 IN THE STORE AND ARE THE SHOP WINNERS. THANKS TO ALL THE SHOPS OUT THERE PLAYING #DLXTV3 AND ALL THE KIDS FOR WATCHING."

Thunder Lights - so light they float!

What Came In - Welcome Selfish & East Coast Street

Hey all! Shipment day! I've been mostly posting on FB when we get shipments but today with Tylor & TLo here they're stocking and I'm typing.  Along with some Lizard King & PRod Brigada Sunglasses (winter is perfect for shades, just ask A.Cooper), we've got an Alien Workshop soap on a rope for you college guys - or if you have roommates that like to shower with you. On to the really good stuff - we've got an Alien Workshop Warhol (8.0) and a DIY Uncut - TLo was just reminiscing about when it was popular to cut your own shapes out of blanks.  Back in the 80s a blank didn't mean no graphic, it meant uncut. We've got this uncut for the price of a midrange ($40).

More blanks in, including a couple of blank cruisers. One of them has already gone home with someone, & I hear Justin C. may want the other, but it's out there for now. New brand in the shop - Selfish Skateboards (Tman has already grabbed one). Lots of East Coast riders, ALL their products are made in Canada, so decks are 100% Canadian maple. Plus it's good to support another skater O&O (Jereme Rogers - Boston born & bred) company.

Longboarders, this was a good shipment for you too! We've got some sweet new decks in - Madrid, Dregs Rasta and East Coast Street. ECS boards are made in North Carolina out of real wood, not plywood. Each one is hand made and is signed & dated. Even if you're not looking for a new deck, at least come down and admire this one. Plus, more slide gloves, including some Triple 8 and the usual suspects like Sector 9 & Bern.

For all of you who have been patiently waiting for Pretty Sweet to arrive - heard from Girl, it shipped at the beginning of the week (finally) so we should have it early next week....



Name: Tylor J Parker

First board: It was a blind with green grip. I got it from Vans skatepark in Orlando witch is now closed-_-

What do you listen to before a session for motivation: Any hip hop from the 90’s

Who’s your favorite skater: P-Rod,Figgy,Chaz, and anyone that rips

What’s your favorite video part: P-Rod Me, Myself and I

Favorite non-skate movie: Anything with Will Ferell

Number of times Manny Ken the mannequin has scared you: To many to count

Dream spot to hit up: L.E.S

Go to trick: 360flip or Hardflip

Can the golden shamrock stay out or does Sarah win (again): no comment

Vulc, cupsole, or just soul: “CUPSOLE”

Best place to re-fuel after skating: Taco Bell

What’s a perfect skate day: Perfect weather and everyone feeding off each other.