LBS Team in CA

Every year we head out to Long Beach CA in January to see the coming year's skate gear and footwear. i'm not sure which part i enjoy more: geeking out over the new decks, wheels, sneakers, pros, or getting to actually walk around in a t-shirt in January eating Pizzanista.  After all the trade show activities were done the crew at Skate One (Bones and Powell Peralta) invited us up for a tour of their factory/headquarters and were kind enough to let us come skate their local indoor private park.

My 1st board was a Powell Peralta skull & sword and i have ridden more Bones bearings and wheels over the decades than i can count. Understandably i was too busy being a nerd watching the boards get pressed and the wheels get poured to take the camera so phase one - factory tour images are all Sarah's pics (below).

Since LBS team riders Tristan and Jake have moved out to the greater LA area they joined us for the tour. As luck would have it team rider Gabe was out visiting while we were there so Maine was rolling in force, including Tristan's roommate (and fellow Mainer) Eamon. The guys at Skate One generously gave everyone in the crew a new Flight board and a place to test them out: Orchid Skatepark. The lighting was low this rare rainy day in CA and i didn't have a flash but i'll just call them stylishly effected. So here are Tom's Pics (below).

Big thanks to the whole crew at Skate One! You guys are great!

ARMY: Long's Board Shop Video 2

We present you with: Army! Our 2nd full team video. Featuring shop riders Adam, Chase, Gabe, Nick, Peter, and Tristan. Tristan also put in the extra effort of collecting up everyone's footage and editing it all together into what you see here. Classic Portland Maine spots, hidden favorites, parks, and some road trips added in. -LBS Army

Team Video Premiere: ARMY

We're proud to announce our second shop video: Army! Thursday Oct 13th come see the premiere projected here at the shop, 7:30 PM. The team put a lot of work and sweat into this, especially Tristan who pulled it all together and edited it. Don't miss the big unveil... army-premier-poster-web-render

4th Anniversary Jam

2One minute i can't believe it's already been 4 years since we opened our dream while other days i feel like i've been doing it my whole life as i sit back in this incredible fantasy. We couldn't have done it alone and are forever thankful to EVERYONE who's been a part of all this. This year's jam had solid weather, a strong turnout, and some great skating. 3














Big thanks also goes to Vans and Bones for prizes and give-aways. Under 14: 1st - Elijah, 2nd - Nate, 3rd - Joe.  Open Jam: 1st - Alex, 2nd - Peter, 3rd - Mike. Best trick for a pair of Vans Old Skools - Steve.  Best Trick $50 - Mike.