Sunday River

Spring Snowboard Sale at LBS 40-80% off!

With over 400 trails for riding still open here in Maine, there's plenty of time to ride on some new bindings, boots or a new board - now 40 to 80% off at Long's. 

The sale starts Friday March 23rd on ALL winter gear - so come in soon for the best selection...

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LBS Snowboard Team Edit 2015

Here in New England this past winter went down as one of the best i can remember.  Everything was ride-able and late season coverage was incredible.  In Feb we saw snow falling every couple of days for the entire month! Now that the riding's done team rider Danny put together an edit of the crew from this season's footage. One foots, inverts, everywhere, anywhere.  Horse heads aren't just for gangster's beds.  

Long's Boardshop Snow Team and Friends from STORAGE UNIT on Vimeo.


nose press biddo bridge Name:  Zander Stearns

First set up: Rossignol board and Burton custom bindings. I think?

What do you listen to while riding:  I don’t usually ride with tunes but when I do it’s mostly Iron Maiden or Sublime

Favorite spot to ride: In the trees... It’s like Hoth and Endor put together

Favorite movie (non snow/skate): Wayne's World, Star Wars: A New Hope, and Surf Ninjas

Worst time you were almost taken out by a skier: When the jib park was at South Ridge at Sunday River, it happened too many times to count

bs 50-50 double kink UNE rail

Dream snowboard trip would be to:  Japan or Alaska

Go-to trick:  Tame dog flip, or frontside 3 tailgrab

Number of times Manny Ken the mannequin has scared you:  π

Best way to kill time on the lifts:  Discuss safety

Stance: duck, traditional, or all your own:  Duck 17, -17

Best place to fuel up after a day in the mountains:  Any gas station that has beer and Subway

What’s a perfect snow day:  First chair, big crew, and calling out of work from the lift

Did someone say FREE PASS?

Need a free pass to ride the hills you cheap bastard? Ride Maine/ Ski Maine has teamed up with Sunday River and Sugarloaf on a program where you get a free lift ticket if you get a friend to take a lesson (details here). Free pass AND someone to start going up to the slopes with you... not bad. Just use a little peer pressure.  All your friends are doing it! -tom