Star Wars


nose press biddo bridge Name:  Zander Stearns

First set up: Rossignol board and Burton custom bindings. I think?

What do you listen to while riding:  I don’t usually ride with tunes but when I do it’s mostly Iron Maiden or Sublime

Favorite spot to ride: In the trees... It’s like Hoth and Endor put together

Favorite movie (non snow/skate): Wayne's World, Star Wars: A New Hope, and Surf Ninjas

Worst time you were almost taken out by a skier: When the jib park was at South Ridge at Sunday River, it happened too many times to count

bs 50-50 double kink UNE rail

Dream snowboard trip would be to:  Japan or Alaska

Go-to trick:  Tame dog flip, or frontside 3 tailgrab

Number of times Manny Ken the mannequin has scared you:  π

Best way to kill time on the lifts:  Discuss safety

Stance: duck, traditional, or all your own:  Duck 17, -17

Best place to fuel up after a day in the mountains:  Any gas station that has beer and Subway

What’s a perfect snow day:  First chair, big crew, and calling out of work from the lift

Vans x Star Wars at LBS

"He's too old." Fuck you Yoda.  Luke was not too old (he did defeat the Empire after all) and neither am i... for these shoes at least. When i was a kid i had Star Wars action figures and awesome iron on Star Wars t-shirts but never Star Wars shoes.  Come to think of it, when i was a kid we had skateboards but never any skate shoes.  Until eventually Vans slip on came along, the 1st skate shoes i ever saw.  Well now those two things have come together and i think my failure to grow up has now been completely justified. sw

Original Trilogy artwork on classic Vans slip-ons.  So beautiful at first i didn't want to wear them, but then i got over it pretty quick. Of course the kids were not left out.  Storm Trooper slip-ons for kids of Rebel Scum and Ewoks alike.


Skateboarders would not forget their favorite bounty hunter.  Boba Fett camo in honor of the greatest Star Wars character EVER (at least until Disney ruins him).



Get them while you can.



Star Wars

Unlike some smugglers we don't drop our cargo at the site of imperial troops. We've got the Santa Cruz x Star Wars collab collection IN HOUSE!  In action figure blister packs and loose decks, cruisers and long boards, we've got it all.  All numbered and limited runs so get them while you can. 20140530_184023

This is my two worlds colliding: skateboarding and Star Wars, i think the 8 year old me just passed out. i think the DVD player might see a hiatus from skate videos tomorrow.  Heard Rollerblades was bidding on a Jar Jar collab...

No disintegrations! -tom

Original Skate Bag

When i was in high school skateboards where not allowed on school property.  Unfortunately, some schools are still this way.  Other than the bullshit factor of such a discriminating rule, the problem was that my skateboard was my primary means of transportation at that time. i lived about 2 miles from the school and after a guy who just gotten out of jail tried to light a girl i really liked on fire while we rode the city bus home from school, i decided that i would no longer be participating in public transportation. i have never been much of one for following rules but at the same time getting yelled at every day is not really a life goal.  Skateboarding has taught me to be creative and you can get away with a whole lot of shit if you just use your gray matter and get a little creative. i needed to hide or disguise my skateboard while on campus yet didn't want to effect my skating with a whole lot of weight while not on campus. Logically, the answer was a pillowcase.

My mum had a whole fucking closet full of sheets and blankets and shit. i am a rowdy sleeper and she bought me some extra long pillowcases so i couldn't rip them completely off my pillow while i thrashed around at night. Well, the psychoses payed off because my skateboard fit perfectly in those oversize pillowcases.

pillow case

Let's face it - people are lazy.  If you are not doing anything overtly wrong they typically don't want to be hassled with having to deal with you. i'd get off my board at the edge of school grounds and throw it in the pillowcase. Then i'd carry it to my locker and store it in there for the day. On the rare occasion that a teacher would ask what i had i'd just say it was a project i was bringing in.  If you give people an easy way out they will usually take it.

End of the day was just the reverse.  When not covering my board, the pillowcase was light and folded up small and easily. i could skate home, skate with friends, or whatever. It was my first skate bag, it was simple, and it was cheap.