Portland Skatepark

Portland Skate-A-Thon

There are people who do, and people who just talk. This Saturday the do-ers in the skate community collected donations from friends, family, and neighbors to sponsor them riding the temporarily lit Portland Skatepark from 6 pm to midnight, all to raise money for the skatepark expansion. An impressive $5,000 was raised from the event put on by Portland Parks & Recreation!

It really was magical seeing the park all lit up at night. i've gone out and skated the park on full moons, battling shadows, and relying on muscle memory of lines. Having it fully illuminated and shadow-less, glowing in the surrounding blackened fields seemed like a visual manifestation of what the park has always been to me: an oasis, calling out to all those who know the joys of a wooden toy with urethane wheels.

The Million Dollar Lounge and Dial S For Space Cadets provided live music for as long as the city felt the neighbors would allow. Portland Pie Co and HOT DOG CART were there providing food. NHS provided prizes from their brands Santa Cruz, MOB, Bronson, and Creature that went to most money raised, most donors, longest skated, oldest and youngest skating. A solid crew made it all the way to midnight and were audibly bummed when the city finally turned out the lights.

What a fantastic night that will long be talked about - where you there when the park was lit? Huge thanks to all the skaters that collected donations, the bands, the brands, the food suppliers, and Portland Parks & Rec. Seeing young kids all the way up to the middle-aged all coming together and skating together for their community - the skate community, was an uplifting thing. Let's keep up the momentum and get the park doubled in size!

ARMY: Long's Board Shop Video 2

We present you with: Army! Our 2nd full team video. Featuring shop riders Adam, Chase, Gabe, Nick, Peter, and Tristan. Tristan also put in the extra effort of collecting up everyone's footage and editing it all together into what you see here. Classic Portland Maine spots, hidden favorites, parks, and some road trips added in. -LBS Army