Dylan Hausthor

Don't Getcha Hopes Up - Part Dos

web4 Update: Thanks to all of the artists who participated in the show this year, and to everyone who came out to take a look and say hey! Another successful year in the books. A special thanks to Skeet Vanderchuck, for helping to make it happen - see you next year, Oak Street!

Here is a list of artists that made the show this year exceptional - now go check them out.

Scarecrowoven Pat Jones Phuc Tran Dylan Hausthor Sebastian Meade Louis Torrieri Jimmy Collins Eric Santos Katie Eccleston




Last year LBS & Skeet Vanderchuck put together a skate related art show as part of October's First Friday Art Walk in downtown Portland. Fresh off Congress St being named one of the best streets in the U.S. our second annual show is coming up tomorrow night 10/3 at 72 Oak Street, directly off of Congress and right across from Nosh.

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We've got local skaters, artists, photographers and snowbaorders - all connected to the local scene - exhibiting. Pics, sculptures, grip jobs, decks. It's going to be bigger than last year. One of the artists, Scarecrowoven, is a Maine native that has moved back home after some time in NYC. He is working on deck graphics for Creature, Landyachtz, Shipyard Skates, and he makes action figures. Seriously, how fucking cool is that - designing skate graphics and making action figures, among other things.

Come check out all the work, it'll be up from 5pm to 8pm at 72 Oak Street, just Don't Getcha Hopes Up