Dan Drehobl

Freedumb Airlines hell yeah


We've been psyched to carry Dan Drehobl's Freedumb Airlines since he relaunched last year. Plenty of you have already come through and scooped up the Gun Bunny tees and now the Asshead's are in stock. Beanies, stickers & plenty of Freedumb hats are here. Supporting skateboarders. Supporting skate run companies. Supporting Mainers. Boom, all three accomplished. If you don't know much about Dan's Maine roots read about FA here.



Francis Name: Francis Rodman

(Weird Wood Skateboards)

First Board: Birdhouse

What do you listen to before a session for motivation: Minor threat, Slapshot, DNA, Black Sabbath

Who's your favorite skater: Dan Drehobl, Ben Rayborn

What's your favorite video part: Black metal in Creature video

Favorite non-skate movie: Battlestar Galactica, American Hardcore

Number of times Manny Ken the mannequin has scared you: Manny Ken has scared me twice that I can remember

Dream spot to hit up: any backyard pool

Go to trick: front disaster

Can the golden shamrock stay out or does Sarah win (again):  I have no idea what the Golden Shamrock is but i'm assuming Sarah would win

Vulc, cup sole or just soul: vulc Vans

Best place to re-fuel after skating: Punky's

What's a perfect skate day: Whenever I'm on the board


Movie Monday - Dan Drehobl & The Gonz

Following up his Fives Interview with Crailtap (click here to read his top 5 words to say with a New England Accent & Top 5 reasons to not do a 540), Dan Drehobl has a new video part released on The Skateboard Mag, check it...

We've got some Krooked Drehobl on the deck wall, and stay tuned for another Drehobl announcement from LBS. Fitting, Krooked founder "Gonz" celebrates 15 years with Adidas and they released this short film that premiered in Germany during the celebration. " “There was a lot of footage in the movie that I had never seen before and even tricks that I didn’t realize that I had done.”  - Mark