Black Friday

Black Friday& Small Business Saturday 2018

Well, it’s that time of year for the annual running of the…

This year’s 2 - day sale celebrating Black Friday and Small Business Saturday will be: 25% off snowboard outerwear, goggles, mittens, and skate shoes. When you’re done knocking the turkey and cranberry sauce out of your fellow Mainers for that TV deal at the local box store, come here and relax to snowboard videos and the calming effect of a punk soundtrack as you save money on your snowboarding and skateboarding needs.

Just like in the pit, remember to pick up the fallen. No one needs to spend the holidays crushed.


Black Friday & Small Business Saturday at LBS

Here they are, our Black Friday & Small Business Saturday deals! Tom will be closing up shop on 5pm Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. We'll be decking the halls (because we refuse to before Thanksgiving) and be back open Friday morning at 10am ready to help you find the perfect gift for the snowboarder, skater or heck, yourself!

Remember, we have clipboards - so if you want to keep your sizes, or exact gear that you want listed for friends and relatives you can fill one of the forms out and we'll keep it right in the shop for you. Plus gift boxes, gift cards and by Friday we'll have our brand new 2014/15 winter LBS hoodies!

-tom & sarah