LBS & It's Customers Give Back

  Back in August we had a deal going on where if you bought any pair of skate sneakers from us, whether off the sale stacks or full price, Long's would donate a pair to a local shelter here in Maine. So yeah, I'm a little late in getting this post up, but it's been a busy summer & fall with events and changes around the shop. More on that in a later post, but the gist of it is that you'll be seeing a lot more of Tom around the shop!

I digress, we were talking shoes. So you, our kick ass customers & skate community helped us to donate well over 100 pair of sneakers to an organization in Augusta that will then distribute shoes to those in need.


Some of the kids & families that will receive shoes will get them through schools, shelters, churches. Any type of shelter, any type of religious denomination (or none!). For some these will be the first pair of new shoes they have ever had on their feet. We couldn't have done it without all of you who chose to buy your shoes from us, a local shop that will give back locally. So thank you.

-Sarah, Tom & the LBS Team



Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 9.07.16 PM Name: Gabe McKenna Dope Skate Wax - Team Rider

First board: Toys “R” Us board with plastic trucks and wheels

What do you listen to before a session for motivation:   Pre skate: Biggie   While skating: Danny Brown, Migos, or Gucci Mane

Who’s your favorite skater: Andrew Reynolds and Antwuan Dixon

What’s your favorite video part: Andrew Reynolds in Emerica “Stay Gold” and Antwuan Dixon in Baker 3

Favorite non-skate movie: The Anchorman movies


Number of times Manny Ken the mannequin has scared you: None, he just calls me a poser on Facebook

Dream spot to hit up: Jkwon (Radio Korea)

Go to trick: Front Shuv

Can the golden shamrock stay out or does Sarah win (again): I have no clue

Vulc, cupsole, or just soul: I skate what feels good on my feet

Best place to re-fuel after skating: Go to the store and grab a cold Strawberry Melon Brisk and head back home to make a burrito

What’s a perfect skate day: Meet up with the homies, go some park, and then go film in the streets! Tristan Anderson is behind the VX (Always) Sam Jermyn is getting the angle with an HD camera and at the end of the day everyone skates away knowing they had an awesome session!