LBS 6th Anniversary x Element Earth Day Celebrations

LBS turns 6! Come join us on Sunday April 22nd to celebrate and also to participate in Element's Earth Day event. We'll have the ramps set up in the parking lot, run a sidewalk sale on stuff (including some shoes), and have our new collaboration deck with Element available (which will be contributing to kids getting to skate camp) (and use vegan friendly glues). Big thanks to everyone who's been a part of the shop over these last 6 years and to all those continuing to support us. We love what we do! 

LBS Turns 6 x Earth Day 2018.jpg

Thank You Fallen

A2 As most of you know by now, Fallen has announced the end of the brand. As all of you know, i am SUPER opinionated when it comes to shoe brands so you knew this wasn't going to come and go without some kind of commentary here.

Jamie Thomas is one of my favorite skateboarders. Although i have always been a huge fan of his incredible skating, it's really his work ethic, drive, and conviction of ideals that is what has kept him in my short list of favorite skaters for so long. When you care that much (sometimes maybe too much), believe that strongly, and work that hard you may upset a few people along the way, but never trust someone who EVERYBODY likes because if you haven't pissed a few people off you don't really stand for anything. i have been fortunate enough to have met Jamie a few times, and every time he lived up to that character i had built up in my head. He is friendly, generous, and his passion is undeniable.

i have been wearing Fallen off and on since they began. i loved that they only went through skate shops. The brand's aesthetic and styling fit right in with my own, and i always appreciated that they usually had a vegan option in their lines (as i have not purchased shoes with suede or leather since 1998). When i decided to finally follow my dream of opening a skate shop i knew Fallen was one of the shoe brands i wanted on the wall the day we opened. i quickly found out how difficult some shoe companies can be to work with but not Fallen.  They were with us since day one and i am happy to say that we have carried their shoes right 'til the end of their line. As a skateboarder who stands for something, i opened a shop that stands for something, and it's nice when i get to carry a brand that also stands for something.

From a shop owner's perspective, unfortunately, i could see this coming (as could many). In the 4 years we've been open i have seen at least one core skate shoe brand go out of business a year. Weekly i have some young skater tell me about how he's going to start his own skateboarding clothing line, etc while wearing a pair of Adidas.  Almost daily someone in the shop will rave about some new deck company started by a skater while they are wearing Nike. You can't have it both ways - you can't want skateboarding to be OURS and then support athletic shoe companies. A core skate brand cannot match the price margins, they cannot match the marketing budgets, they cannot match the cheap manufacturing, R&D, or paychecks.

By refusing to carry the athletic shoe brands i realize that i am not making as much money as a shop as i could. i realize that it means i may not have the brand of shoe that some of the skaters coming in want and that each customer will have to make a decision whether to buy a core skate brand from me, their local skate shop, or go buy one of the other brands from some chain. i also realize that there is not a clear line dividing core brands from athletic brands as there are many companies falling in that grey area of life but there is NO question about which brands lie at either end of that spectrum and the athletic end is rapidly making the skate end disappear.

i didn't open a skate shop because i wanted to get rich, i opened a skate shop because i love skateboarding and i wanted to give back and support skateboarding for all that it has done for me. i want to support the local scene as much as i can.  i want to support the art of skateboarding as much as i can. i want to support every skater that comes into my doors as much as i can.  i want to support the brands that support skateboarding as much as i can.

When you buy a core brand from a skater owned shop you are actually helping skateboarding twice. Brands like Fallen were with us from day one while some other brands said we needed to be open for "X" amount of time before they would work with us. We never would have been able to make it to those pre-set dates if we didn't have brands like Fallen supporting us and standing with us. Our shop began and is around because brands like Fallen were in this with us from the moment we opened our doors and were a part of this crazy dream that all involved at any level of skateboarding are just trying to make work. All of us, just trying to help push skateboarding the way it helped push us.

Thank you Fallen, for everything you've done for me, our shop, and for skateboarding!


Vans x Star Wars at LBS

"He's too old." Fuck you Yoda.  Luke was not too old (he did defeat the Empire after all) and neither am i... for these shoes at least. When i was a kid i had Star Wars action figures and awesome iron on Star Wars t-shirts but never Star Wars shoes.  Come to think of it, when i was a kid we had skateboards but never any skate shoes.  Until eventually Vans slip on came along, the 1st skate shoes i ever saw.  Well now those two things have come together and i think my failure to grow up has now been completely justified. sw

Original Trilogy artwork on classic Vans slip-ons.  So beautiful at first i didn't want to wear them, but then i got over it pretty quick. Of course the kids were not left out.  Storm Trooper slip-ons for kids of Rebel Scum and Ewoks alike.


Skateboarders would not forget their favorite bounty hunter.  Boba Fett camo in honor of the greatest Star Wars character EVER (at least until Disney ruins him).



Get them while you can.



Spring shoes - April '14

Oh it has been too long since updating on the shoe front. Sure teaching and running a shop will do that to you but also, being a vegan with 3, yes 3 new options causes all types of dilemmas of choice (2 here and 1 previous posted Rowley).  Impressive new tech and comfort all around.  Let's get to it. First up: The Westgate from Emerica

1990's meets 2090's in this tech-ed out shoe that customers have already declared 'feels like a cloud'.  How much tech can be stuffed into one shoe?  Emerica has answered.20140423_131710

2nd up: The Vibe by Fallen

Yup, these are what i ended up picking out for myself. Tommy S get's his own shoe and like his video parts this year, it does not disappoint.  The black colorway is vegan friendly coming with both rasta and black lace options (i chose black of course). The toe runs a bit narrow, as most current designs seem to be. The sole and tread are new and are they INCREDIBLE. SO much support and so much cushion, these babies have SOUL.  The synthetic upper material is the best i've ever worn or skated.  Breaks in with such comfort and the cut skates very well.  After breaking them in with a Boston night session i stand by my decision to be kicking these right now. SO responsive and SO comfortable.20140423_131550

3rd up: The Cheif XI by Fallen

Jamie Thomas back once again with the annual favorite,redesigned as the XI.  All you've come to expect from the classic and just the right upgrades where you need them.20140423_131526

4th up: The Griffin by Fallen

Another vegan option from Fallen. Traditional soccer/court  shoe styling with some nice gold flair. Classic. 20140423_131515

Last: Torey by DVS

Yup, T-Pud's shoe and surprise surprise - there's some tie-dye embellishments!  Some mid-tops for all you Torey fans.