It really is that simple. Wood, metal, urethane... that's it. For all the hype, for all the trends, for all the opinions it is just the mix of three things. It's been those three things since i first stepped on one in the 1980's and it's still those three things in all the catalogs for next year's products from the manufacturing companies. 


Attach urethane to wood via metal and you will never be bored ever again. The cracked asphalt of a rest stop parking lot during a road trip stretch break. The curb in front of your grandmother's house. A parking block under a light post in the middle of the night. Sure skateparks and ramps are fun but with or without them, next year some kid is going to discover skateboarding and it's going to change their life. 

Warning: combining wood, metal, and urethane can cause an altered perception. Architecture suddenly takes on new perspectives and never looks the same again. Side effects include extreme bouts of creativity (sometimes lasting longer than four hours), personal insight, and occasionally a sense of accomplishment.  Continue use at your own risk.

Wood, metal, urethane... three ingredients, unlimited possibilities.