Fanboy Out

What a day. Slightly overcast and in the 70's - perfect skate weather. One of my favorite parks. A great cause - Roll For Rob: to help local rep and his family in his treatment of ALS. Fantastic turnout. Got to see many of the wonderful reps we get to work with, some of whom i only get to see once a year or so in person. Incredible skating by locals and pros alike. Oh yeah, and 3 of my biggest skate influences were all together!

i've been fortunate enough to get to not just meet, but work with many great skaters that i've looked up to and been inspired by over the years. Every so often i need to take a step back from text messaging about orders and shop stuff to just remind myself - i used to watch this guy's video parts all the time. There's always going to be some duds, but overwhelmingly the people you get to work with in the skate industry are pretty great. From reps to pros to product designers we're all pursuing what we love so interactions are typically enjoyable. Best job i've ever had.

That being said, every once in a while i do end up with someone that i just can't help but fanboy over. When i turned around and noticed that Jim Thiebaud, Mark Gonzales, and Mike Vallely where all standing together - the big 3 of my teen skating years - i geeked out. i hate asking people to take pictures with me but really? When will these 3 be together where i am? i asked Ryan (Vans) who i was chatting with if he'd mind snapping a pick, "Of course!" he replied. He knew just what i was going through.

What a day. Even if you couldn't make the event this weekend you can still help Rob and his family out via GoFundMe. Thank you skateboarding.