Xmas Picks 2017

All right, time for this year's installment of my favorite picks for Christmas 2017! Going to start off with jackets this year.  Rome has given the Degenerati crew their own line and i really love everything they've done.  Their stylishly understated anorak jacket has a nice amount of insulation and comes in the right color: black. Honorable mentions go to Rome's Knuckle Draggers tech hoodie (one of the best weather-proof hoodies i've ever seen) and Ride's weather treated and lined riding flannel.


Now the boards. i try to ride all the boards i've ordered for the season at On-Snow every year and these two are my personal favs.  One again, a selection from Degenerati. i don't need another board right now but if the Gnu Carbon Credit in my size doesn't sell out this season it's going to come home with me. i'm a huge fan of magne-traction (especially when riding here on the ice-coast), their asym is great, and this board is super environmentally friendly - just like me!



OK, here's everything else on my list ALL AT ONCE. This year's shop shirt is a play on the old Prey For Surf Rat Fink 70's stuff. Our friend Jon really nailed it with this Wompa inspired Pray For Snow design. Long sleeve, get one now. My sock picks are the Spaceman/Alien from Stance (i've already been riding in them) and you can't deny the WU! Year two of Crab Grab making my favorite hand coverings. 

And i've saved the best for last. You love their sneakers. You love their snowboard boots. Now Vans has you covered for the in-betweens. When there's snow on the ground you can't always be snowboarding. This year introduces their new snow boot, and it is awesome! i've already cleared the driveway three times in them.