When we opened the shop we set out to make a place for ALL skateboards and snowboarders and their families. In our manifesto we state how there's no "cool enough" or "good enough" requirement for entry. You don't have to be friends with us or our team riders to be welcome in. Like ancient churches or safehouses, our shop strives to act as a sanctuary for skaters and riders. Local, new to the area, or just passing through. Not just somewhere to get the equipment you need but somewhere to meet up before or after hitting a spot, somewhere to hang out on the couch and catch your breath watching a video, somewhere to discuss our passions with others.

These current tumultuous times may highlight our need for such places but truthfully we have always had a need for such spots. We sincerely thank all who have come into our shop and contributed to that goal.  We can set the mood but it takes the participation of everyone that walks through our door to maintain that feeling. May our shop provide you with the same sanctuary off the board that we all find while on it! -tom