Zine: True North

When i was in college, back when cavemen rode woolly mammoths, the internet was just starting out. In order to share our art, our writings, our poetry, and our ideas with others beyond our base of friends we would create 'zines. i loved working on lay-outs, hitting up the local copy center, and then gathering up friends to fold and staple them all together with me. i'd always keep a few of the latest in my backpack and it was always great to find a new place to put some out and handing someone your zine was a easy way to start up a conversation with a person you've never met but who looked interesting at a show, or reading, or a skatespot. When Sam Farley got in touch with me about how he was making a skate-centered zine and wanted to know if he could put some out at my shop i was stoked that the torch was being carried on. The internet is a great tool for communicating ideas and connecting people but there is still something magical about holding a product in your hand that someone has poured themselves into creatively. i was psyched when Sam brought them in to be shared out of the shop but it wasn't until quite a bit later in the day that it slowed down enough for me to give it a real look over.


Sam did an incredible job with "True North"! His pictures and layout did a great job of capturing a moment in time and gives a glimpse of Maine skateboarding. You'll recognize the spots and the faces.  Do yourself a favor and come down and grab one of these before they are are gone, you'll be glad you did.