LBS Snow Photo/Video: Matt Legendre

Many of the clips, pictures, and edits of our LBS Snowboard Team seen across the Gram, FB, and the Tubes are the byproduct of Matt Legendre.  Here's a little way to get to know the man behind the cameras. image4

First set-up: Nitro and Bent Metal Bindings

Music: Hip-hop

My favorite place to ride: Loon Mountain NH

Favorite movie non skate or snow: Scarface

Worst time a skier almost took you out: Never, I take the skiers out before they take me out.

Dream trip:  Jackson Hole for some back country and I would love to hit up park city Utah as well.

Go to trick: 50-50 to backside board slide

Number of time Manny Ken scared you: Oh, we are boys from way back I tell him who to scare.

Best way to kill time on the lift:  "Safety meeting" with the crew

Stance: 15-15 duck

Best place to fuel up after the mountain: Any place where the drinks are cooled and the food is warm

What's the perfect snow day: Every day in the snow is a perfect day!

Best moment filming: When I am out filming with Kevin Jellerson is a good day for filming.