Thanks Jim

As a teenager in high school during the beginning of the 90's i had a blue Jim Thiebaud Santa Monica Airlines giraffe graphic t-shirt that i wore constantly. If it was clean it was on (and sometimes even if it wasn't). It was so hard to find skate clothes is that era and especially around where i lived that these items in my wardrobe became heavily coveted and worn well beyond their normal typical use intentions. To this day it is one of my favorite skate tee's i've ever owned. jimGiraffe

Even in a great position like owning your own skate shop it seems that human nature can cause us to occasionally get lost at times in the daily grind. Entering inventory in, placing orders,  dusting, moping, paying bills, answering phone calls and all the more tedious nuts and bolts of running a business can fill my frame of vision but thanks to skateboarding i can't go long without something coming along to help snap that perspective back into wide angle shots. A kid in the shop with his mum excited about getting a t-shirt he may live in just as i did with that blue Thiebaud shirt, a skater finding that deck in our shop that he's been obsessing over ever since seeing it on Instagram, or guys meeting up at the shop before heading out to skate for the day are all things that remind me on a daily basis why i love skateboarding and why i am so excited to have been able to carry out my dream of opening a skate shop.


And then there are the times where i find myself wondering if this is really my life. When the skate fan-boy in me slaps the skate shop owner in me and i remember that the "Jim" in my email contacts that just threw some extra stuff into the our Deluxe order with a note is that same "Jim" who's shirt i completely wore out and who's video parts used to so motivate me. Even better is knowing that the guy whose shirt i was obsessed with is actually an incredibly great human being who is constantly giving back to skateboarding and the skate community in addition to running a top-quality company.

i love skateboarding and i love the skate community. i am happy to report that an overwhelming majority of the pros, reps, and owners i've met and worked with in the skate world have been the incredible people you'd hoped they'd be. Let's keep it that way.  Continue to support skater owned and operated companies and keep skateboarding all of ours.