R.I.P. Portland Median

Portland Maine has lost one of it's great skate spots: the old port medians. A long time staple in the skate community we've all dodged cars and drunks to hit them up, argued with uptight citizens who can't mind their own business (or stand anyone having fun), and been "shoo'd" away by cops.  They've been painted and scuffed and painted and scuffed as public works tried to keep them "presentable" while - in my mind at least - riding them with a fresh coat just made them better.  


One man's ugly is another man's dream girl.  In the name of improved aesthetics and traffic flow along with making the area more pedestrian and bike friendly she joins the list of the skate spots fallen with the "cobble-stoning" of Exchange, the asphalt bank on Marginal now a drugstore, and soon the Peaks Island DIY.

We'll miss you old lady, thanks for all the great memories!