2015_0622_11523200We are excited to announce that we here at Long's Board Shop are collaborating with out friends at Coast City Comics to bring you a satellite LBS shop in Portland right inside Coast City Comics on Congress St! Play some pinball, replace that action figure that your sister bit the head off of when you were kids, and now you can put together some classic skate set-ups. Why? Well there are two reasons. One - why do we skate? Well, because it's fun.  That's also why we are doing this collaboration. Two shops who love what they do getting together to have fun together. If Sarah had her way half our shop would be taken up with a vintage 720 game, you know the one where you stand on a skateboard facsimile with bars on either side to hold onto. For now we'll leave the classic games to CCC.2015_0622_11535100

Reason number two - a means to an end. i have long been a fan of people who create  rescue or retirement farms where animals can go to live out the rest of their lives happily and peacefully after they are no longer of use to industry or no longer wanted. Over dinner Tristan (CCC) and i got talking about bands, artists, and skaters from earlier days who were great but seem to no longer able to support themselves purely through these passion that they came to notoriety in.  Neither of us harbor the delusion of getting rich by owning skateboard and comic shops but man, wouldn't it be awesome to buy a farm as a sanctuary for aged counter-culture icons? "Over here we have Danzig. He gets 2-3 hours a day to play with the kitties and it seems to keep him docile." "Over here we have Mike V.  We still need to keep him separate while he adapts to the farm but since we've added 2 parking spaces worth of concrete to skate and a rubber mannequin to hit in his terrarium, he has been settling in very happily." *

*After starting your dream business you need to get creative with future pursuits

So support fun.  Support local.  Support a farm for bands who still only charge $5 for tickets but need a place to live in their 'mature' years.