WCI week o' 4.30.15

Holy shite, i think i've been entering things into the system all week. After you all ravaged our stock when the snow finally melted we have caught back up and are fully stocked once again... for now at least. IMAG0271

If you're looking to join the 1st Board Wall we've totally got your back.  We've been having a tough time keeping this rack of price point completes stocked with so many kids joining the skateboarding ranks but we've got over-flow as of now.IMAG0270

With the weather slowly warming the deck wall has once again become a rapidly evolving work of art changing from day to day. Tons of Welcome back in stock, DLX's Real and AntiHero restocked, blanks in all sizes, and these OG beauts!  Skull and Sword graphic was my 1st pro board ever. IMAG0272

Many of you have been asking and they are finally in: the Thrasher Rope Hats! Thrasher buckets, 5 panels, and new truckers as well. Full line of Thrasher t's are in and their new coach's jackets and hoodies are here as well. IMAG0273

All your brain bucket needs can be fulfilled with this week's Triple 8 and Pro Tec shipments. More LY decks and completes are in as well as their slide gloves and new These Wheels designs are in... and with colors now. Almost there.  Just the new Vans spring/summer stuff to get into the system before this weekend's Vans Propeller premiere.