Destroy (snow) And Skate

IMAG0207 i am never surprised by how well the skate community comes together. Outsiders can have all kinds of ideas about skaters but those of us who have fallen for that useless wooden toy know that we are a group of individuals that can come together to really make things happen. This year's incredible February snow totals have meant that many of our favorite skate spots have still remained under snow even now - into late March.




You can sit around complaining or you can do something about it. We put out the call and the skate community stepped up. Yesterday i brought my snowblower down to the park and at times there were up to 15 people helping to shovel and break up ice at the Portland skate park. We moved and incredible amount of snow and got the whole park cleared down to just the base ice (except for the bowl). On my way to the shop i saw that with today's warm weather and rain the ice is now all just slush and puddles. With a windy dry day tomorrow the park should be looking good.





Big thanks to everyone who picked up a shovel and put in the work. See some more pics on MaineToday.