Name: Jamie Poitras

First set up: Rossignol Imperial 146 with Ride bindings

What do you listen to while riding: The sweet sounds of mother nature

Favorite spot to ride: Tuckermans Ravine

Favorite movie (non snow/skate): Toss up between Scarface and Happy Gilmore

Worst time you were almost taken out by a skier: Every time I try to walk past one carrying skis over their shoulder and they decide to bang a quick left/right


Dream snowboard trip would be to: Japan or Alaska

Go-to trick: Boner air or the stiffy shifty

Number of times Manny Ken the mannequin has scared you: Well...I walked past him and felt a firm but gentle full palm squeeze on my buttocks and when i turned he was only one behind me. Weird.

Best way to kill time on the lifts: Review safety procedures

Stance: duck, traditional, or all your own: Spread eagle and ducked out 15/-15

Best place to fuel up after a day in the mountains: Irving

What’s a perfect snow day: They're all perfect. A bad day on the mountain still beats a good day at work.