Tom's Picks: Christmas 2014

Yeah, i think i'm a little later with this than intended but hey, the slopes where calling. It's hard to not just constantly be taking stuff from the shop as deliveries come in but i do need to sell stuff after all.  That is kinda the idea behind a board shop. So here are my picks of the Holiday Season this year.  i'll try really hard not to take these things home with me before you have all had a chance to pick them up. IMAG0021













Jacket: This year i went with both a boarding jacket and everyday jacket because i dig both these coats so much.  i like the current movement in snowboarding to look less like skiers on the slopes (who have been 'borrowing' from our style for years).  This Lib Tech jacket does just that, with the classic look of a coach's coat over a hoodie but all the warmth and water resistance we need.  For off the slopes - this Vans jacket plays on the same hoodie underneath look but is so lightweight and comfortable Sarah had to fight to get me to take it off and put it out in the store when this came in. Every day is a battle to not bring one of these home so if you're a medium you better seize the moment.

Honorable mention: Grenade water resistant hoodie - yeah!

IMAG0023 Gloves: That dude that stops the lifts when the little shit behind you in line who was running over the back of you board falls off the chair, has been wearing work gloves for years at his job. Well finally a board company took that look and added just the things we needed.




Board: Yeah they are made in the USA, yeah they got us to stop riding big ski shapes (camber) and got us all riding snowboard shapes, yeah they taught us that a serrated edge is not just for Rambo's knife, now they have a New England 'Ice Coast' edition. Come on, GNU had to be my choice.

Honorable mentions: i've caught myself staring at the hottie on the Ride Kink on several occasions (great shape and flex too) and paint a board matte black with a snake on it... why has every board not looked like this year's Rome Garage Rocker?

IMAG0025 Bindings: Once again by favorite bindings are the Rome Mob Boss. They feel as good as they look. Stiff where you want it and flexable where you need it.

Honorable mention: Ride put out KX in the Frankenstein colorway this year.  i love Slimebacks, they're what i ride on my 'out west' set-up.



Sneakers: 'Cause yeah i wear sneakers in the winter. If it's not snowing, some nice snowboarding socks and a pair of sneakers do me right. How long do you actually spend outside on most winter days? Not enough to justify those ugly Uggs ladies.

Since seeing Star Wars at age 2 Darth Vader has been my wardrobe inspiration. After 3 decades of people telling me i needed more than black tee's in my closet i softened up and included some grey.  Now after 4 decades of such harassment i am actually trying a non-black sneaker. This very comfortable Vans Chukka Low in (Ron) Burgundy with grey laces does a great job of brightening up those gloomy winter days, at the base of my otherwise black and grey outfit of the day.

IMAG0027Other Stuff: How about some sweet ass stocking stuffers? Bluetooth headphones for your helmet are pretty nice. No more getting that cord caught up in your balaclava and jacket neck. There's nothing like a company focusing on one and only one thing and doing it right. Crab Grab does stomp pads and they do them right - thick and grippy. A newly waxed board always feels good but the One Ball Jay Biogreen wax has got me all evangelical about snowboard wax. Better for the environment and noticeably better performance. Who doesn't want a bikini clad women on their socks? No one, that's who. Lastly, for those of us who still skate year round Independent has some new precision bearings that claim a level of water resistance. We'll put that to the test this messy winter, for sure.