What Came In - 9/19 to 9/26

It's been a busy week keeping up with orders coming in - between getting ready for the fall skate season & starting to get shipments from Ride, Smith, Rome & Mervin Mfct. HUGE shipment of wheels. We've got SF Formula4 in all sizes shapes - classic, conical, tablet. Some more Soft D's & 80HD. Some of the new Lance Mountain SF with new cut in conical walls, slightly wider riding surface.


Plus there's that grip from The Mountain that some of you are going ape shit for. Kitties or Unicorns on MOB, man. Your choice.




We went through our first round of MagLights from Tensor pretty quick. We've got more in and you really should come feel how light these things are. 3D put out some rails, added on to our selection of rails from Bones, Creature & Pig.



Kittens aren't your thing? We've got all new tie dye Grizzly. More Mouse & Bro Style to choose from.



If you're looking for new kicks, we've got more fall Vans on the way (expect an update next week), but we already have the new Lakai/Spitfire/MJ in stock.