Now i don't need much of an excuse to make a trip to NYC, but going down to see all next spring's skate gear is a pretty good one. Agenda NYC this year was at a new location which allowed more companies to set up and also allowed us more room to get around the people simply there for the fashion show. Nothing like trying to get to your appointment to see the Vans line and having to figure out how to get around a guy in the isle wearing leather MC-Hammer-pants. IMG_0204sm

Once in the conference hall i had to pick between going to some event for "household fabrics" or Agenda. As if skateboarding wasn't enough of a draw, they were giving out free issues of Penthouse (among other mags).


Got to see the new Primitive boards before they ship - look even better in person.  Got to talk with the actual wheel designer at Bones! i love geeking out on the tech!  Their new V5 shapes were a great addition to the line (having trouble keeping them in stock) but just wait for a few new hardness options coming down the line.

The Vans x Star Wars collab of this year will be hard to top for me but next spring's Vans x AntiHero collab is a pretty good follow up. Definitely going to double up on a couple of things in that line for myself. Deluxe (Spitfire, AntiHero, Krooked, Thunder, Venture) are always an annual favorite check in for me. Continued greatness coming from the Formula Four line, new size in Thunders, and tough decisions picking between the great line-up of board graphics. Pictured below presiding over DLX's "borrowed" curb is the man himself Mic-E (who set me up with a Gonz sketch last year during my visit to SF).


It's not just all learning about the new lines, there are marketing lessons as well - as i now realize we need more scantily clad ladies holding balls at our shop events.  Lesson learned. Are hip packs making a comeback?


It can't be all business.  The Brooklyn banks may still be cut off due to construction but LES makes me dream of what could be possible park-wise here in Portland. As if street skating in NYC wasn't great enough, i have definitely also fallen in love with skating among NY traffic Gonz style - the best way to get around in the city, especially when fueled by vegan treats.


Until next year Agenda.

PS: NYC - please hurry up with that Brooklyn Bridge construction, we need the banks back.