Man, i know i've posted a bit about how this dream of owning a skate shop has been better than i had imagined but something new has come up. Well, new things are constantly coming up and happening but this one definitely deserved its own post. Since my teaching gig is on summer break i've been back to getting to be at the shop full time for the past few weeks.  Last Sunday night was the first time in at least a couple of weeks where i remembered that i'm weird.  i can't remember going a stretch that long EVER without being reminded that i'm weird.  Holy shit!  How cool is that? i love owning a skateboard and snowboard shop.

If you're one of the cool people well great, good for you.  Go on and read about our next event or what came in recently.  This one is not for you.  This is for those of us who are different and have found skateboarding and snowboarding as an individual escape and release.  When i am on a board i feel like myself.  All feels right with the world.  i can express myself, i can feel that motion, and i don't need any body else.  i can do it all by myself without anyone's approval, cheering, or permission.

On these boards, however, i have not only found my salvation but i have found a community of others like myself but totally themselves.  The misfit toys. The oddkins. The creatives.  Just working at the shop, and getting to catch up with all of you, watching videos with all of you, and seeing new recruits finding this beautiful pastime we've all discovered really makes me feel like there is space in this world for me.  For us. i am fortunate enough to get to spend time with this tribe that i am a member of.

Out with some friends at a comedy show i was reminded how i eat differently, i look different, and act different that the "average" American. And my biggest smile of the night was not from the humor on stage but from the moment i realized that it had been quite a while since i had been reminded of my differences. All of us skaters are unique and individual in our own ways but we have that shared passion that brings us together and celebrates our differences.

Even if you tried, i don't think you could possibly pick out the exact same set-up as someone else in our shop.  In this tribe we've all created, being unique is expected and encouraged. i am so thankful that i have discovered this tribe and that all of you who are part of it have helped me forget, even if for a little while, just how weird i am.

Here's to the weird ones, the misfits, the freaks.