Go Skateboarding Day 2014 - Update

Couple of little adjustments to Saturday's Go Skateboarding Day celebrations. We are going to premiere our first shop video on Saturday in addition to the already scheduled events here at the shop.  So after skating the ramps from RYE Airfield set up in our parking lot and barbecuing we'll play the 20 minute long video  "Safety Second", then maybe go back to skating.  It all starts around 3 pm (full info in previous post below) so be sure to wear your ugliest sunglasses for a chance to win some Glassy's. Unfortunately to pull off all these plans i will not be able to make it downtown at noon to have our annual skate down Free St.  Feel free to gather up and charge it without me, i just can't be there to enjoy and lead you down.

Excited to see you all Saturday and enjoy celebrating the holiday that's just for us!