Vans x Star Wars at LBS

"He's too old." Fuck you Yoda.  Luke was not too old (he did defeat the Empire after all) and neither am i... for these shoes at least. When i was a kid i had Star Wars action figures and awesome iron on Star Wars t-shirts but never Star Wars shoes.  Come to think of it, when i was a kid we had skateboards but never any skate shoes.  Until eventually Vans slip on came along, the 1st skate shoes i ever saw.  Well now those two things have come together and i think my failure to grow up has now been completely justified. sw

Original Trilogy artwork on classic Vans slip-ons.  So beautiful at first i didn't want to wear them, but then i got over it pretty quick. Of course the kids were not left out.  Storm Trooper slip-ons for kids of Rebel Scum and Ewoks alike.


Skateboarders would not forget their favorite bounty hunter.  Boba Fett camo in honor of the greatest Star Wars character EVER (at least until Disney ruins him).



Get them while you can.