Spring shoes - April '14

Oh it has been too long since updating on the shoe front. Sure teaching and running a shop will do that to you but also, being a vegan with 3, yes 3 new options causes all types of dilemmas of choice (2 here and 1 previous posted Rowley).  Impressive new tech and comfort all around.  Let's get to it. First up: The Westgate from Emerica

1990's meets 2090's in this tech-ed out shoe that customers have already declared 'feels like a cloud'.  How much tech can be stuffed into one shoe?  Emerica has answered.20140423_131710

2nd up: The Vibe by Fallen

Yup, these are what i ended up picking out for myself. Tommy S get's his own shoe and like his video parts this year, it does not disappoint.  The black colorway is vegan friendly coming with both rasta and black lace options (i chose black of course). The toe runs a bit narrow, as most current designs seem to be. The sole and tread are new and are they INCREDIBLE. SO much support and so much cushion, these babies have SOUL.  The synthetic upper material is the best i've ever worn or skated.  Breaks in with such comfort and the cut skates very well.  After breaking them in with a Boston night session i stand by my decision to be kicking these right now. SO responsive and SO comfortable.20140423_131550

3rd up: The Cheif XI by Fallen

Jamie Thomas back once again with the annual favorite,redesigned as the XI.  All you've come to expect from the classic and just the right upgrades where you need them.20140423_131526

4th up: The Griffin by Fallen

Another vegan option from Fallen. Traditional soccer/court  shoe styling with some nice gold flair. Classic. 20140423_131515

Last: Torey by DVS

Yup, T-Pud's shoe and surprise surprise - there's some tie-dye embellishments!  Some mid-tops for all you Torey fans.