2 Year Anniversary Jam

Celebrating number 2 for LBS went down with some beautiful weather thanks to the re-schedule due to rain on the original date. Meeting up at HIGH NOON on a much needed warm and sunny day after winter ran late for us in Maine this year, the turnout was great (free pizza doesn't hurt). 2.1StachWeb

Even the dogs came out and warmed up as we set up, had sign-ups, and prepared the prizes care of Spitfire and Anti Hero.


First up was the 14 & Under Jam and boy was it a full free-for-all as the minors threw in all they had while narrowly avoiding one another.



As they threw down our serious panel of judges looked on and some how the quietest team rider ended up with the bull horn.


With time up and decisions made it was now time for the Open Jam with the excitement of finally getting some nice weather thawing the veins of all.


Tough competition with impressive skating by all, the judges had their work cut out for them and it was a tough decision with so many riding hard.


After a tough negotiation from the Open judges it was time for Best Trick centered around the Euro Gap with money on the line. Room was tight and collisions were many but hey, waiting for turns is for the Olympics, what's skating without a little anarchy on the concrete? Entropy in action!


With that feeling that only early spring can give you after good weather and good skating it was time for some grub before announcing the winners.  Generous stacks of pizza and bottles of soda were kindly supplied by Amato's! And we thought the best trick run was chaotic... pizza tent got stormed!


The Carroll's supplied the desert with Rice Crispy Treats in both regular and vegan formulas (which went much quicker... just saying) and a crispy treat "LBS" to commemorate our Terrible Two's.


After we all stuffed our faces the winners were announced:

14 & Under: 1st- Carlos Monsen  , 2nd- Nate Hanson ,3rd- Clyde Spencer

Open Jam: 1st- Francis, 2nd- Shamus, 3rd- Gabe

Best Trick: Steve, front-board downrail

Then the day was finished out with a pool product toss!  Not sure who has more fun with these, those fighting for product or those throwing the product.



Thank you all who came out and to the whole LBS Army that has shared in this dream with us. i love that i get to do this stuff! -tom