Spring Shoes coming in - 2.27.14

We've already talked about the spring Emericas that have come in, we've talked about the Anchor line of Lakai we now have for spring, today it's the Vans. As always, we've got the Classic Slip-On, but based on strong demand around the shop we've got them all the way down to toddlers and whatever you call babies that can't even walk. Yup, now you and your offspring can all pull off the Vans family look and since they grow like weeds you can get a pair now and they'll probably be ready for a size up this fall when the Star Wars graphics come in.

Authentic are now in house for males and females alike, as are a re-stock of Sk8-Hi Pro.


Tired of the Vulc vs Cup sole debate? If you're like me you wear vulc for great board feel for a few shoes, get tired of achy feet, ride plush cups for a while but then miss that intimate board feel and go back and forth ad nauseum for the duration of your life. Well Vans has you taken care of - Gilbert Crockett Pro with Waffle Cup combining the best of both worlds.  You want more (you bastards) well how about the Crocketts being a Indy collab? Any more goodness you want jammed into one shoe?