LBS Welcomes GNU & Lib Tech

We at Long's Board Shop are happy this winter to welcome Gnu and Lib Tech snowboards to our line of premium snow companies, adding to our Ride and Rome selections.  Mervin products are innovators in the industry with their banana shape completely changing snowboarding as we know it, their Magne-traction to help grip ice like it's powder, and their rear-entry binding system. 20131203_172821

What i didn't know prior to carrying them is just how enviroMENTAL a company they are.  As we've posted about before, as an environmental scientist i have done what i can to make our shop as sustainable as possible.  From wood selection to the dyes and materials used, to their recycling practices you just can't beat their record. Add to that the fact that they are made in the USA (near Canada) by snowboarders... we are quite glad to have them join or other great brands.