Giving Back

When we opened Long's Board Shop nearly 2 years ago we made it a priority to give back - whether it's to our communities here in Maine, across the U.S. or internationally. One of the first donations we made was to an Oxford Hills Skatepark fundraiser that was headed up by Francis Rodman, we had never met Francis before and we hadn't even officially opened our doors yet - here we are a couple of years later and Francis has earned a spot on our team (and of course in all of our hearts....awwwww).

We've often mentioned Skateistan, one of the charities we've chosen to support. Through direct donations and through purchasing collabs from our distributors. We've still got a kick ass Zero deck on the wall for anyone who wants to show they support the cause too! If you're looking for ways to give back this holiday season, and want to keep your dollars or your time within the skateboard & snowboard communities here are some skate & snowboard related charities that LBS has supported and that we encourage you to consider...


Tony Hawk Foundation


A Skate

Rob Dyrdek Foundation

Black Bear Skatepark Association

Bath Youth Meetinghouse & Skatepark

Or if you want to donate on a hyper local level, stop by the shop and let us know. We've got a list of local skaters that are in the midst of projects around the state that can use time, labor, materials and donations. Including projects in Old Orchard, Biddeford and in the Gardiner area. Also check out local organizations trying to get more of us onto boards, there's GROW SK8 LIFE and a few of our shop regulars run a camp in the summer at the YMCA of Southern Maine in Biddeford.