Oneball Jay

landing_fader_bg We've heard a couple of stories around here about where Oneball's name came from, but we'll let it rest with this story "shortly before a visit to drop off some wax, Jay had a skateboard accident. The tail of his board nailed him in the balls. The fall and damage was pretty bad, but everything healed up fine and the name stuck. (Jay has two kids now)"

From shoes, to shades, to wax and traction - if we can find a company started by, owned & operated by skaters & snowboarders we like to support them. Oneball began as an experimental surf wax project in 1986 when Jay Rota (a.k.a. Oneball) and Matt Cummins were introduced to surfing by Mike Olson and Peter Saari of Mervin Manufacturing. They decided to try making their own surf wax, and they admit the first time around the concoction was pretty terrible - they put that on the back burner for a bit. As the rainy season rolled in, the time spent skateboarding and surfing warped into time spent snowboarding. "In the winter, the skateboard ramps are wet and the water is cold. Snowboarding was new to us and looked like fun, we were trying to figure out how we could get some boards and get up to the mountains to ride. We never had much of a job or money so we built the boards out of an old tree fort and bent up the nose with a car tire and by rolling the car on top it," Matt said. In order to get the boards to move, they needed wax and naturally they made that too. Snowboard wax was born in 1986 when they successfully combined canning paraffin with graphite. They started to produce a few bars at a time. Mike and Peter from Mervin were given bars to try. They suggested Jay and Matt call the new wax, "Oneball"  (see above). They started out making more batches in the back of a family friend's snowboard shop and as word spread their good friend Bryan Rushforth came on board and started running the company in 1991. Now on top of the wax, they have some of the best accessories around, are sold internationally and have a pretty hardcore following.

We brought Oneball Jay into LBS our first winter open and quickly sold through their wax & traction easily. We are all stocked up again - whether you like cool, cold, ice or warm weather wax - we've got em. Their biogreen wax is all temp and we've got a stack, along with the biogreen cleaner. Tuning kits, tools, locks...COOZIES!