Yowies & Chips

yowies We've been carrying Outdoor Technology since last year and it's one of ourfavorite "new" brands that we've brought into the store for you guys. I use the tags & turtle shell at home and at the shop - the sound quality is pretty great (especially the turtle shell bass), but one of their greatest items is also their least expensive, the Yowie. At under 10 bucks this thing guards your mug against the cold, wind, sun and helps to keep your goggles from fogging up. They're light and a stretch microfiber and we've got them in a bunch of different colors and designs.

turtle shell2They've also added Chips to their arsenal and we've got them in stock. These wireless ear phones actually slip right into the ear flaps in your helmets. You can listen to your tunes and answer your phone (if you want to do that while you're enjoying the powder that I'm SURE we're going to get this winter.

Instructions for the Chips