Long Live SouthBank

1410662_404918979637091_1183945485_o The southbank skatespot is a spot in LondonUK that is known all over the world last week I went there,it is freakin' amazing! Pros from all skateboarding history have been there from Gonz to Brophy or even Reynolds. Southbank is not a skatepark it is a random spot in London that got adopted by skaters.Today the city is menacing it's distruction to replace it by a Starbuck's. If you want to take part in saving southbank go to LLSB.com.     -my name is Daniel and i am ten years old

From LLSB.com " In early March 2013, The Southbank Centre unveiled designs for a £120 million redevelopment of its Festival Wing that revealed their plan to transform the iconic Southbank Undercroft skate park into retail units. The Southbank Centre proposes to relocate the revered and popular skate spot further down the river, beneath the Hungerford Bridge and build a new skate facility there.


However, the Undercroft is a treasured space, known as the birthplace of British skateboarding and has been home to skateboarders, BMX riders and graffiti artists for the last 40 years. This makes the Southbank undercroft the oldest recognised and still existing skateboarding space in the world. The Southbank Centre’s proposed redevelopment site contains none of these features, has no history and lacks the unique, dynamic architecture that has made the Undercroft a globally renowned street culture space."

So far the LLSB campaign has collected over 60K signatures but are still battling to have their voice heard and validated. They are working to declare the space as a registered significant cultural site and would allow its current form to be preserved and continue its legacy. Sure it's not in our country or even our state, but skateboarding easily crosses all those lines (and ponds) easily.

We want to thank Daniel, part of the LBS army who is living in Paris for a couple of years,  for helping to get the word out.  It's so easy to sign the petition, I did it in under 30 seconds - click here to sign it and show your support for the SouthBank Undercroft.