Meet the Team in 13: Kevin

KevinWeb Name:  Kevin Jellerson

First set up:  Nail Snowboard & Bindings

What do you listen to while riding:  Hip Hop

Favorite spot to ride:  Rail Gardens SLC

Favorite movie (non snow/skate):  Goonies

Worst time you were almost taken out by a skier:  Ski instructor and students came out from the side trail and I threaded the needle, threw them like a boss

Dream snowboard trip would be to:  New Zealand

Go-to trick:  Frond Rodeo 1080

Number of times Manny Ken has scared you:  Never. I get my steez from him.

Best way to kill time on the lifts:  "safety meetings"

Stance: Duck

Best place to fuel up after a day in the mountains: McDonalds

What's the perfect snow day:  Every one is perfect