Skateboarding and the Olympics

i think i just threw up a little in my mouth while watching this:


i could not be more against the idea of skateboarding in the Olympics. Snowboarding in the Olympics has brought about a schism in the community. It has surely helped the industry and has benefited those who participate in the Olympics greatly but at the cost of the soul of snowboarding. There will always be a strong movement in snowboarding for those who practice the ART of snowboarding but there is definitely a significant jock factor that has also come into play.

Skateboarding is an art! i will always hold true to this belief.  Despite the incredible technicality and physicality associated with skateboarding the participants, to a large extent, have stayed true to the creative aspects of skateboarding. In dress, in lifestyle, and in attitude skateboarding has fought since day one against the status quo and conformity. Can you see skateboarders wearing team uniforms like the Olympic snowboarders? Those jean-print snow pants from a few Olympics ago were truly a low point in snowboard culture.

i could go on and on but i suppose i am not going to change anybody's mind here.  i've either supported your ideals or you disagree completely. i also realize that skateboarding in the Olympics would probably help my business, but i would rather struggle along than see this thing that has saved my life lose some of it's soul.

For the sake of it's culture and for the sake of it's soul i hope skateboarding is never a part of the Olympics.