Deck Sale

On Sat Oct 5th and Sun Oct 6th we will be having a HUGE skateboard Deck Celebration Sale! All pro models in the floor stacks will be marked to $40 while supplies last. 40 buck decks

Why this celebration?  Because we at Long's Board Shop will be reducing the prices on all our pro model decks to $55 after that weekend.  You see, over the past year we have been keeping impeccable records with all our products and have been monitoring what companies have been selling better than others. We intend on keeping a wide variety of makes and sizes, as always, but over the last year and a half we have been able to secure direct relations with the board companies that have been selling the strongest at the shop. A direct line means slightly lower costs for us.

Now we could have just pocketed that extra profit but that's not really our style.  We want to get you out there skating and get you riding the companies that you yourself like to skate on.  So we decided that we are going to pass those lower costs on to you, our faithful LBS Army.  Therefore, the lowing of our pro deck prices to $55.

As with everything in life personal philosophy plays a HUGE roll in absolutely everything.  Since day one of opening our shop we decided we wanted to carry the largest selection of different board companies that we possibly could.  After a lifetime of going to shops (many quite good) that unfortunately carried just a few lines of boards i found myself frequently settling on decks that were good, but not always from my favorite companies. We've been trying very hard to make sure that almost everyone can come into Long' Board Shop and find something by their favorite company.

Now, had we chosen just three companies to carry we could have ordered in bulk from those fewer companies to fill our board wall.  That would have lowered our costs and allowed us to charge even less for our decks.  The absolute beauty of skateboarding is that there are so many styles of skaters and so many types and genres of skateboarding. i do not want to force my personal style onto anyone and we want to help ALL skaters celebrate and enjoy their personal style.  This means ordering smaller quantities of decks from a wider range of companies.

As with everything there are trade offs, but we have been keeping prices as low as we can with our business practices and decisions and you have all been very supportive and have responded very well to the wide selection on our board wall.  Because of all this, we are now in a better position to go direct with many companies and are extremely happy to be able to shave a little off our deck prices for you.

So to celebrate, come out for our $40 deck blowout as we celebrate a new era in LBS history! Thank you for your continued support of our dream, and for your continued support of each other in this skate community.