LBS Sponsorship

We get videos on a weekly bases from skaters looking to be sponsored by the shop.  It's cool, i really enjoy seeing what everyone is up to and like to see people pushing themselves.  Often we will like them on the Long's Board Shop YouTube Channel so others in the area can see what's getting ripped up and even to help people find new spots. At this point i figured it would be useful to put a post out there as to what we are looking for so that everyone has a good idea without me re-typing it 5 times a week to everyone individually.  Sarah's the nice one.  If it was up to her i think we'd have a team of twenty skaters and snowboarders.  i'm the curmudgeon.  Those who know me can attest that i am very slow to warm up to people and am hard to impress.  On the other hand, once we're good i am incredibly loyal and will do whatever i can to help you.  That's what you are up against.  Philosophically i would rather have a smaller, really tight knit team that we can focus our limited resources on and really try to help them out and take care of them, rather that just give a bunch of people some free swag and tout a big team roster.

That being said here's a list of what we like to see here at Long's Board Shop from folks looking to be sponsored by us.

1. Skate Well - No shite, really. We've got a whole tab on this site dedicated to our team riders.  Check out who's already on the team. Check out their skating.  This is the best exemplar you have for what we're looking for. How do you compare?  We've got a pretty well rounded team, each truly with their own style. Although they all have specialties, they all can throw down in multiple settings. i personally cannot overemphasize the importance of having personal style. i'd choose a Gonz part over a robotic winning Street League part any day (you don't have to skate as well as either of those, but you get the point).

2. Be A Regular Around The Shop - If we've never personally met you and your footage is of you skating stuff you bought online how do you think it's going to go down? Like Sam Jackson said in Pulp Fiction, personality goes a long way. We're a small, family owned skate shop and having a relationship with our customers is important to us.  Forming a relationship with us, the shop, and the regulars is a great start towards sponsorship.

3. Get Along Well With Our Current Team Riders - i know i keep mentioning this but we are a family skate shop.  Our family name is right there in the shop name. Our team riders are part of our shop's family. They come to the secret training facility.  The final decision is up to me and Sarah, but our team's input carries a LOT of weight.073_dsc_9361

4. Participate In Our Shop Events - Contests, BBQ's, video premieres, etc; we expect that our team will participate in shop events so you really should too if a team spot is your goal.  Footage is great but i watched everyone on our team skate several times in person before they were brought on board.  Your footage gets you our attention, but seeing you skate in person and how you interact with those skating with you is what closes the deal. It'a a symbiotic relationship: you support the shop and we support you.

5. Represent Yourself And The Shop Well - Being sponsored means you are representing the shop and, most likely, representing yourself as you use this as a step in trying for other sponsorship.  We've only have one rule around the shop: "Don't be a DICK".  That pretty much covers everything that could come up.  We don't want dicks representing us, i don't care how well you skate or what kind of footage you have.  Are you a good ambassador for both the shop and for skateboarding itself?

Keep sending in your footage and keep pushing it. i'm always happy to watch footage. Above all, make sure you're having fun and enjoying yourself and skating/snowboarding.