What's New 7.12.13

A LOT came in this week just in time for the weekend.  After coming home from Agenda NYC and looking at all the spring stuff coming out next year we had a back room full of boxes from shipments received by team riders Richie and Adam. We'll start with the longboarders since many of you were waiting on stuff coming in this round. Tons 'o LandYachtz including this dapper looking Switch.  More Loaded decks, ButterBalls (selling through quick), more O-tangs, Hawgs with some new tread patterns, Bear in some slick looking colors, Paris, great Caliber colors (just sold the "watermelons"), the ever popular These, and at great prices more of the Churchills.


On the skate side - Autobahn wheels, a DGK girl to take home to mum, Element decks from Huston and Appleyard, more Zoo York, and a crazy cruiser from Cliche that has vertical grains, fiberglass, and bamboo all in one board. Anti Hero hat with a hidden bottle opener?  You betcha. More 5-panels, this time from Krooked and Venture.


Oh, and shoes... New Amigo's from Supra (vegan friendly) and more Vans - Chukkas and AV Natives (in red/black) for that old school look but with skate-ability.


And of course, to celebrate 15 hundred likes and 15 months open all t-shirts are $15 this weekend! Thanks for you continued support! Have i mentioned how much i love owning a skate shop?