Deliveries: Week o' 5.30.13

Wow... with the London style weather finally past us it looks like this weekend will consist of summer like temps. We're stocked back up from deliveries this week. 20130530_152628


New wheels including the Brock's, Soft D's, and more parkburner options.


Another Krooked Drehobl on the wall, summer time watermellon, Bambie changes graphics in the sun to become my hero, more Real Mellowthefukout and LowPro in stock!

20130530_170535 20130530_170737

...And yes, the rest of the Green Day series is now in house... who's house?  Not Run's house.

For the Longboarders out there we've got more wheels in, more trucks in, more decks in (including American Made Churchhill at under $50), and ever more completes with stuff coming in weekly!

Come in to the A/C to cool your thick Maine blood as these summer temps roll in and see how the Team Riders do as we turn the shop over to them for a bit.