Maine Sk8 Series 2013 -update

Well, there are just 2 stops left in Gould Academy's Maine Sk8 Series (Augusta & Bethel). Once again congrats goes out to LBS team rider Shamus who just took 3rd in the most recent stop at the Oxford Hills park. He's been making top 3 in most of the stops! Wish him a Happy 14th Birthday this month too. Sk8/Shamus, Photo/Beauregard

Congrats to all the riders who have been ripping it up this series. We're very psyched the whole LBS team could make the Portland leg and all made the top 10 there (pictured above) with Adam in 2nd and Shamus 3rd.

Shout out to Dave Bean for once again putting on a great series and giving the Maine community a chance to display their skills.