Creature & Scarecrowoven

SO4 Who doesn't enjoy the distinct styling and aesthetic of Creature Skateboards?  They ripped it up in the recent C.S.F.U. video and i love seeing their graphics grace our board wall, even though they never seem to stay up there long before someone comes and snatches them up.  i'd really like to try one of them some day but unfortunately i have yet to find a Creature 7.75, damn my narrow board preferences.

Creature's recent The Ritual 3D board series is a huge hit, leaving many shops (including us) scrambling to try and get in a 2nd round of them after the 1st sold in just a couple days.  While waiting for the 2nd shipment to arrive the mystical folklore surrounding the Creature Ritual Series deepened.  We discovered that the series artist, one Scarecrowoven, lives in Maine!

Sarah, the LBS Queen of Media, got on the case and made contact with the mythical figure known only as Scarecrowoven. Unlike the yeti or the North Pond Hermit, Scarecrowoven actually uses the internet and was kind enough to agree to stop by our shop and sign a couple of the Creature decks graced with his graphics. (Check out his site here, and look him up on IG @scarecrowoven)


"Signed" turns out to be an understatement of what transpired on the 7th of May, Year of our Lord 20 and 13. As it turns out Scarecrowoven is a great guy and rather than just uncap a sharpie he came equipped with brush and paints.  We had a fun time chatting it up with him as he painted his signature on 2 of the Creature decks from his The Ritual 3D series. We at Long's Board Shop are psyched to have met him and are excited to now have available not just those 2 impressively signed Creature decks but a few of his T-shirts as well. Come and get them you Creature Fiends!


(If you can't make it here before these go home with someone we also have his Skelegore Tshirt for sale at the shop!)